A Randomized Trial of Home-Applied Dual-Light Photodynamic Therapy in Stable Chronic Periodontitis -Three-Month Interim Results

Adjunctive use of Lumoral dual-light antibacterial aPDT in non-surgical periodontal treatment (NSPT) results in improved treatment outcomes at three months post-therapy.


Pakarinen, S.; Saarela, R.; Välimaa, H.; Heikkinen, A.; Kankuri, E.; Noponen, M.; Alapulli, H.; Tervahartiala, T.; Räisänen, I.T.; Sorsa, T.; Pätilä, T.

Published: 2 November 2022

Dent. J. 202210(11), 206; https://doi.org/10.3390/dj10110206

(This article belongs to the Special Issue 
Dentistry Journal: 10th Anniversary)


A single-site, randomized clinical trial was designed to determine the efficacy of regular home use of Lumoral® dual-light antibacterial aPDT in periodontitis patients. For the study, 200 patients were randomized to receive non-surgical periodontal treatment (NSPT), including standardized hygiene instructions and electric toothbrush, scaling and root planing, or NSPT with adjunctive Lumoral® treatment. A complete clinical intraoral examination was conducted in the beginning, at three months, and at six months. This report presents the three-month results of the first 59 consecutive randomized subjects. At three months, bleeding on probing (BOP) was lower in the NSPT + Lumoral®-group than in the NSPT group (p = 0.045), and more patients in the NSPT + Lumoral®-group had their BOP below 10% (54% vs. 22%, respectively, p = 0.008). In addition, patients in the NSPT + Lumoral®-group improved their oral hygiene by visible-plaque-index (p = 0.0003), while the NSPT group showed no statistical improvement compared to the baseline. Both groups significantly reduced the number of deep periodontal pockets, but more patients with a reduction in their deep pocket number were found in the NSPT + Lumoral® group (92% vs. 63%, p = 0.02). Patients whose number of deep pockets was reduced by 50% or more were also more frequent in the NSPT + Lumoral®-group (71% vs. 33%, p = 0.01). Patients with initially less than ten deep pockets had fewer deep pockets at the three-month follow-up in the Lumoral® group (p = 0.01). In conclusion, adjunctive use of Lumoral® in NSPT results in improved treatment outcomes at three months post-therapy.
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